Get more biz from your biz in 72hs with our Breakthrough Chatbot Technology

Stop wasting time on answering the same questios time after time...

Imagine having an army of 10x you, that takes care of your business, take your clients requests and lets YOU focus on the important things.

Meet VetaXpert – your secret ingredient for crafting, selling, and giving AMAZING customer service experiences that save you time and money. Plus, here's the special sauce: our unique "Veta Way" combines AI with a personal touch, so your chatbot respond just like you would.

Picture yourself enjoying +2 hours PER DAY (that you won't spend answering the same inquiries over and over again).

Your Business Without VetaXpert 👎


Expects an inmediate answer


Leave the web if there's not a chatbot


Conversion due to lack of timely assistance


Business owner doesn't know where they're losing their customers

Your Business with VetaXpert 🚀

Up to


Increase in sales

Up to


Savings in customer service costs

Just Look at the Difference


✅ You get a web-based chatbot that saves you time and money.

✅ Works on Mac & PC (and even Chromebooks - it's web based!)

✅ Add your own personal touch, bring more clients to your biz on autopilot

✅ No code required, we do everything for you. You just paste it in your web.

✅ Integrates with thousands of other tools

✅ This deal is for the Business Unlimited plan, usually $2364/yr

✅ Includes all future updates (new features & improvements 4-5x/year on avg)

✅ Done for you chatbot in 72hs

Features included in the Agency plan:

🔁 Unlimited leads & responses

🖼️ Customisable widget icon

📝 Easy lead collection

🎥 Video support

🔀 Redirect support (bot can send users to another page)

📋 Easy copy & paste bot installation

📧 Klaviyo integration

💌 Mailchimp integration

📊 Google Sheets integration (send leads to your client via a Google Sheet)

🔔 Email alerts for new leads

🔄 Zapier integration (send data to thousands of other apps)

🤖 NEW AI Mode (OpenAI/ChatGPT API integration)

⏫ All future feature/roadmap upgrades (4-5x per year on average)

We've sold packages that included this exact plan for up to $2497 in the past.

The goal for us here is to have the community (that's you!) help us shape the future roadmap, squash bugs, develop our AI features, build an epic community of bot builders, and ultimately, get way more Aminos bots installed out in the wild.

Get your army of 10x of you that lets YOU focus on the important things.

👉Just $75 per week

(Paid monthly)

We make your life easier

With VetaXpert, you can enjoy:

✅ Easy integration with your existing platform.

🧪 A team of experts responsible for implementation and training.

🔧 Ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Take A Peek 👀 At Some Of Our Favourite Features...

But Wait, There's More! 🤯

Integrations Galore

Native integrations with Google Sheets, Klaviyo, Mailchimp and AirTable. Or keep it simple, and give your clients an export of leads.

Or, integrate with thousands of other apps with Zapier.


What exactly am I getting?

You're getting the web-based VetaXpert bot - our Agency Unlimited plan, which is completely done for you. This plan in the past has ranged from anywhere between $797 per MONTH, or up to $2497 for lifetime access. Today, it's just $299 monthly (soon to increase).

What support do you offer?

You get 24/7 support in our new private members community. We also have dedicated email support outside of this, but would recommend the community for the fastest response.

Do I have to do anything?

You will get a complete functioning bot, you just need to paste in you website and that's it!

Owning an online business is a bit like running a restaurant. You're in charge of creating a unique experience, finding your ideal customers, and making your offer as enticing as a cherry on a sundae. ("Did I sign up for MasterChef or entrepreneurship?!")

In the midst of this bustling "kitchen," imagine having a tool that not only serves up innovation but also attracts customers and boosts your brand – all without needing any coding skills. It's like having a superstar chef like Gordon Ramsey in your corner.

And guess what? We've even added an OpenAI integration for "AI Mode," expanding how the bot answer. But even without it, our straightforward, user-friendly VetaXpert lead-gen bots is a game-changer.

But wait, there's more! VetaXpert takes a step further. You just need to provide us with your website and that's it, we handle it from there. It's like having a team of developers dedicated only to you.

A while back, we ran a program teaching people how to grow their business, and we noticed the biggest struggle was getting leads from their websites and having employees giving the right answers. That's why we created VetaXpert – a simple, elegant, and incredibly powerful solution that give solutions for your business.

We were inundated with inquiries from businesses of all kinds, eager to get their hands on the bot (at the time, VetaXpert was exclusively available through annual packages for agencies).

That's when it struck us – it's time to flip the script and put the power in YOUR hands.

VetaXpert is the only chatbot designed specifically for your businesses. With our "Veta Way", we will handle everything so YOUR time takes center stage in your business. It's like having an army of 10x you, that takes care of your business, take your clients requests and lets YOU focus on the important things.

Ready to supercharge your business with VetaXpert? It's time to stand out, save time, and watch your brand take off.

Mira como VetaXpert impulsa negocios como el tuyo 🔥


”Simplemente feliz de haberme encontrado con su anuncio, tengo más tiempo para mi negocio y mi familia”

- María Gioletti


”Es increíble lo fácil que fue configurarlo, lo pusimos en mi web y en el primer día ya pude notar la diferencia. Muchas gracias por la ayuda que dan!”

- Nicolás Estevez


”Increíblemente efectivo! Desde que implementé VetaXpert en mi página web, las consultas de los clientes han sido atendidas de manera instantánea. Una inversión que vale la pena hacer!”

- Luis Torres


”Superó mis expectativas. La instalación fue rápida y sencilla, y los resultados fueron inmediatos. Hemos observado un aumento en la tasa de retención de clientes y una mejora en la satisfacción general. Gracias de corazón!”

- Mariana López

Te esperamos para empezar a vender más y crecer tu negocio